Sales Follow Up Techniques to Help You Close

Have you ever had a slam dunk sales meeting, followed up once or twice, and then never heard back again from your prospect?  Why did everything fizzle out?  Scripted published a study that showed 44% of salespeople gave up after one follow up.  However, the Marketing Donut found that 80% of sales actually require 5 sales follow up touch points!  Let’s take a look at some of the best sales follow up techniques that might help you close the deal!

About 45% of the sale happens before you shake your prospect’s hand, while 10% happens during the meeting.  The other 45% depends on your sales follow up tactics.  Before reading this post, you should read through how to prepare for your meeting, and 7 tips for an effective sales meeting.  Once you are ready for the sales follow up phase, here are some tips to keep your potential sale alive:

Set the stage: Make small promises and keep them

An inexperienced salesperson sends a thank you note and hopes to hear back.  A more experienced salesperson will send a follow up note with deliverable items.  A sales ninja has a few more tricks up their sleeve.  During your meeting, make small promises that you can deliver on immediately.  For example, promise to send a follow up email with notes from your meeting, or tell your prospect that you will send them a case study or sample flyers.

Make specific promises that help you establish another discussion over the phone or in person.  For example, “I will revise this document and send it to you no later than end of day Friday.  Let’s review together on Monday morning at 10:00.  Will that work for you?”  Whatever you promise, make sure that you deliver so you do not create a reputation of unreliability.  The best promises are a two way promise, meaning that you will deliver an item and the potential client will discuss it with you at a specific time.  Try to get a commitment from the client to speak again so your sale does not fizzle out!

Send a sales follow up email

If you read about conducting an effective sales meeting and all went as planned, you have the next follow up meeting on your calendar!  The prospect asked you for the deliverable items you were hoping to give them, and they are looking forward to the value you will bring to their organization.  Send them a follow up email with the following components:

  1. Thank them for their time and express your high expectations/excitement to become their partner.
  2. Add value with relevant content.
  3. Restate important components of your meeting to demonstrate that you were listening carefully and remind them how you plan to solve their most pressing problems.
  4. Reinforce that you kept your promises.
  5. Remind them of their commitment to meet with you.

For a few examples of follow up emails, click here.

Reinforce your trustworthiness

If you have not already obtained a referral, now is the time to reinforce your brand and create a reputation of trust.  Leverage your network to find mutual connections.  For example, connect with your prospect on LinkedIn, and then check out your mutual connections.  Find a few people who know your organization’s capabilities and ask them if they have a relationship with your prospect.  If you dig deep enough and leverage your network properly, you will probably find someone who has established trust with your prospect.  Ask them to call your prospect and provide a positive reference for you.  If you cannot find a mutual connection, send them a testimonial or letter of referral from a similar organization.  In the very least, provide relevant materials developed by your organization.  According to iMedia, 68% of consumers feel more confident about a brand after using content from it.

Use a touch point multiplier

If you read about how to become a finalist before meeting your prospect, you will remember that the key is using a touch point multiplier to establish trust and a pattern of positive experiences.  Keep this pattern flowing since the sales follow up phase is 45% of the actual sale!  The trick is to provide value every time you contact your prospect.  Send them relevant materials published by yourself or your organization.  Text them with a slam dunk idea.  Every time you connect with your prospect, reinforce the value you provided and resist the urge to “check in.”


Hopefully this will help you close your next big sale!  Remember to always end each conversation by clearly defining the next steps and the next meeting time.  Send them a meeting invitation immediately after they agree on a date and time.  Remember that 80% of sales require 5 follow ups.  If you provide value with each interaction, your prospect will not perceive you as a pest!

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