Top 5 Things Hindering People’s Success

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I am fortunate enough to know several successful people.  I also know many who are not successful, and probably never will be.  There are common themes among those who seemed doomed to mediocrity or failure.  The good news?  You can control all of them!  Here are the top 5 things I have noticed about people who cannot seem to find success:

They hate what they are doing.

Have you ever met a person who lights up when they talk about their job?  I have, and these individuals are irresistible!  Everyone feels drawn to them.  They can motivate and inspire others, and serve as effective leaders.  If you hate your job, pinpoint the reason.  Do you struggle with the culture of your company, or do you hate your job duties?  Perhaps you despise one aspect of your responsibilities.  Sometimes the most successful people had to endure a time of difficulty to achieve their ultimate goals, but if you are clocking in with no goal ahead of you and no end in sight, you might consider looking for other opportunities.  I commend you for going to work every day and doing the responsible thing, but maybe it is time to make changes if you constantly feel miserable.

They do not take risks.

This ties in to the first reason people cannot find success.  If you absolutely hate what you are doing and want to make a change, you will likely have to take a risk.  For example, you might have to take a pay cut so you can leave a toxic environment.  I have met people who wanted to start their own business, but did not want to lose the security of their full time job.  Sometimes doing what you love requires taking risks.  If you really want to own your own business but are too afraid to take the risk, you can reduce your risk by saving money ahead of time, getting advice, and creating a sound plan.  None of this is possible without serious dedication, which leads me to the next point about unsuccessful people.

They are not willing to put in the work.

Some people are just not willing to dedicate the time and effort necessary to become successful.  Most highly successful individuals had to work hard to get where they are.  As a teenager, I wanted so badly to attend college but thought it was too far out of reach.  To pay my way through each semester, I worked at a pharmacy 3 days per week during the day and attended class on the other two.  On weekends and evenings, I worked at two different restaurants as a waitress.  From 4:30 to 8:45 in the morning, I worked at a gym where I did my homework.  I felt unbelievably miserable for 4 years, but graduated with a hard earned Bachelor’s degree.  As I entered the workforce, my work ethic led to promotion, growth, and success after a few years.  I understand the difficulties, but anything worth pursuing will require some work.

They are threatened by successful people.

Some people feel threatened by up and coming talent or individuals more successful than themselves.  These individuals can achieve some level of success, but they will never reach their full potential.  They will constantly feel inadequate, insecure, and their victories will be diminished by their need for validation.  People who enjoy great success do not feel threatened by other successful people.  Instead, they forge partnerships and create mutually beneficial relationships.  Successful individuals invest in up and coming talent and benefit from these relationships as well.

They just do not know what to do.

Luckily, this is the easiest thing on this list to cure.  There are countless free resources online, like this blog!  You can find a mentor and ask for advice.  There are many books dedicated to helping people become successful.  The most successful individuals are constantly learning and stretching their capabilities.  They are not afraid to ask others for advice, and recognize honest feedback as an opportunity for growth.  If you just do not know where to start, make a planalign yourself with successful people, and make sure you continue educating yourself.

If you fall into any of these categories, the good news is that you can make changes!  Each of these things that might hinder your success are under your control.  With some hard work and determination, you can overcome any one of these obstacles to success.


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